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National Taiwan University Suggestion System

This system is a two-way communication platform. Students, colleagues, and alumni are welcome to provide specific and constructive suggestions on public issues such as university development and administrative affairs. Through the systematic cooperation of the administrative units, we strive to create and maintain an excellent learning environment for all the NTU community members.

System Usage Instructions

  1. Each unit shall handle suggestions according to the NTU Directives for the Management of the Suggestion System.
  2. Please log in with a valid NTU account issued by NTU¡¦s Computer and Information Networking Center to submit suggestions or search for information in the ¡§Frequently Asked Questions¡¨ section. The system will retain the name and email of the suggester for verification and record-keeping purposes. Personal data will be managed and used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and related regulations.
  3. To effectively utilize administrative resources, please confirm the content of your suggestions before submission. Please do not submit messages that are uncertain or circulated on the internet. Thank you for your cooperation. If the content of the suggestion violates relevant laws, the suggester will be responsible for the legal consequences.
  4. If you have any questions about the system, please contact the administrator, Mr. Chi-Huang Chen, at vinchen@ntu.edu.tw or 3366-5035.

Thank you.

I have read the instructions and agree to abide by the terms and conditions above.



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